Exciting Changes Coming to SIA Store!!!

We will be starting to offer individual downloads of selected pieces of literature on the store in the next month. This will allow you to both pay for and download literature at the same time! Any pieces of literature that have the "BuyNow" text above the description can be purchased as a one-time download. 

Here you will find literature, tapes, medallions and other items to help you in your journey of recovery. Our literature is available on several pages:

When completing your purchase, please consider making a tax-free donation to the SIA World Service Office. Your support will help us continue to reach out and help survivors worldwide. You can make a donation by clicking on the Donate to SIA link in the left column and adding a donation to your shopping cart.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery of your literature or items.  Our office is staffed by volunteers, and depending on your location, shipping time alone may be up to 2 weeks.  If it has been 4 weeks, and you still have not received your order, please email sia.storeorders@gmail.com to have us research the status of your order.  Thanks for your patience.

Featured Items

Image of $5 Donation
$5 Donation
Image of Never Alone Again Medallion (Bronze and Aluminum)
Never Alone Again Medallion (Bronze and Aluminum)
SALE $3.00
Image of Newsletter Yearly Subscription
Newsletter Yearly Subscription
Image of Teddy Bear Medallion (Bronze and Aluminum)
Teddy Bear Medallion (Bronze and Aluminum)
SALE $4.00
Image of Innocent T-Shirt
Innocent T-Shirt